Saturday, 15 May 2010

The angsty teen of politics

With posts like "We do not belong to Labour" , "Refusal to enter Lib Dem coalition was Labour's final failure", and "Labour weren't serious about keeping the Conservatives out of office" over at Lib Dem Voice, and the noises we've been hearing from Lib Dem supporters in recent days, the party is increasingly sounding like a youth in the first flower of inept teenage rebellion.

I understand that you wanted to assert your individuality, Lib Dems- we've taken you for granted as a party of the left for far too long. I'm aware that many of you dislike this falling out. And I know you don't like to hear it, but your new friends are a bad influence- you've fallen in with a very dodgy crowd. You think I can't smell the champagne on your breath when you come in at all hours of the night?

But you have to decide if that's really you. Are you hanging around with the Bullingdon boys because you want to be like them or because you're angry at us? Are you discarding any progressive values you ever had because you no longer believe in them or because you want to teach Labour a lesson?

Whatever drove you into the arms of the Conservatives, you're old enough and mature enough to take responsibility for your own actions- none of this "you drove us to it! *Slams door*". Don't blame Labour for the coalition you chose to make if you have doubts, it's your business.

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